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About This Horse

Smoking refers to the habit among humans of inhaling highly toxic smoke directly into the lungs in order to obtain an instant change of state from the influence of nicotine on the brain and nervous system.

The odd thing about this habit is that it is very difficult to develop, requiring an immense amount of will power to eventually overcome the body's violent rejection of the 3000+ toxins contained in tobacco smoke. And, once firmly developed, the habit of smoking is very difficult to stop. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man and the human body, once habituated, is loathe to give it up.

The dysfunctional aspect of nicotine addiction is that it gives the smoker the momentary illusion of getting a "lift" from the drug---when in fact, all it does is provide a temporary relief from nicotine cravings, only to leave the smoker at a lower level of energy than before inhaling. The smokes is thus caught in a never-ending cycle of seeking relief from symptoms created by the nicotine in the first place! This seems like the perfect senseless addiction for dysfunctional humans!

The habit of smoking tobacco is a very Dead Horse and frequently leads to an increase in the supply of dead humans.

Why It's Dead

Smoking is a Dead Horse because it only takes a way from the natural state of well-being which is our human birthrate, and it gives absolutely nothing in return. It is a leading causative factor in lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease, allergies high blood pressure and a very long list of unwanted conditions.

Smoking also increases the dangers of high cholesterol by making the cholesterol more likely to adhere to artery walls. It causes yellowing of teeth enamel and promotes tooth decay, it leaves filthy stains on the fingers and a nasty odor on clothing, walls, carpets and other people in the vicinity of the smoker. It also increases the likelihood that innocent bystanders will be negatively affected by second-hand smoke, especially young children.

Smoking cuts the capacity of the lungs and reduces the ability of red blood cells to carry life-giving oxygen to every part of the body. It is a senseless, expensive, addiction that stupidly shortens the life-spans of millions of people on the planet each year, causing untold grief and misery. Apart from all this, its just wonderful.

You Might Be Riding It If...

 *You smoke cigarettes,cigars or pipe tobacco
 *You use snuff or other tobacco-derived products
 *You think smoking is actually harmless for you, while its true some people will be affected
 *You envy smokers and feel they are enjoying a useful and romantic pastime
 *You believe the smoking reduces stress or gives people confidence
 *You believe " a few won't hurt" or "I won't become addicted"
 *You still believe that smoking makes you more interesting and cool

Better Horses to Ride

It goes without saying that virtually any horse will be more fun to ride than the Dead Horse of
nicotine addiction. Smoking is actually a form of slow suicide, where death is often preceded
by many decades of suffering, misery and low self-esteem. Hint: stop now.

Instead of smoking you can consider:

Having a glass of refreshing, life-giving water
Taking a few relaxing deep breaths of fresh clean air
Going for a brisk walk and enjoying your freedom of movement
Almost anything but sucking super-heated toxic smoke into your lungs
Getting help from a stop smoking hotline
Visit a hypnotherapist and alter your deepest connections to nicotine

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