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Doomsday Capitalism

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About This Horse

Doomsday Capitalism is the economic system now dominant across the world, but most firmly in The United States of America and western Europe. It is anchored in the rise of huge multi-national corporations that control most aspects of our economic lives, making us dependent upon their services to meet the demands of our consumer societies spawned by their marketing prowess. It has co-opted the governments of most of the nations where it holds sway such that the policies actually implemented by these governments largely serve the needs of these corporations and their functionaries. Abandonment of regulations that curb the most dangerous byproducts of this system and wars to secure access to the resources needed to sustain it now characterizes the worst examples of how this dead horse is kept upright.

Why It's Dead

It is dead because its indefinite continuation depends upon an inexhaustible supply of resources for the never-ending growth that it promises to deliver. Because we live on a finite planet with limited raw materials that can be converted into consumer goods for our use, it will soon reach a situation where it literally consumes the very life support system of we mere people. Its death throes may also end up causing our death as a species.

You Might Be Riding It If...

  • By continuing our engagement in the consumption binge spawned by the propaganda produced by this system, we are contributing to the early demise of our own life support system.
  • Support for the present resource wars also accelerates the negative impacts of this system on our planet, and encourages the rich countries to extend their commitment to this suicidal system.
  • Continuing our commitment to our consumer lifestyle without understanding our contribution to the eventual consequences of Doomsday Capitalism helps maintain the illusion that we can go on forever with our dream of progress.

Better Horses to Ride

  • We must recognize the need for recycling, conservation, cooperatives, local bartering, and the recognition that our survival depends upon a lifestyle that is sustainable over the longest time frame we can imagine.
  • Fostering cooperation on the broadest basis towards the equitable distribution of our necessary resources must increase.
  • Abandoning our nationalistic identities and recognizing that solutions to our challenge of a sustainable coexistence will come only when we recognize ourselves as global citizens with equal right to the fruits of our economic life.
  • The American Way of Life, which is glorified for the prosperity it has delivered, must be abandoned for a less wasteful and more globally consistent level of prosperity.


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