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"An expanding catalogue of Earthly dysfunction!" But where to begin? Below is a helpful list that may serve to inspire or spark your imagination...or just your basic sense of outrage!

Please feel free to create YOUR OWN Dead Horse posting on any of these topics. CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR OWN DEAD HORSE NOW

Or simply add your favorite mind-numbing Dead Horse behavior to the list and hope it will inspire others to post.

SUV's and other gas-guzzling vehicles

Human impact on Global Warming

Politics: elections with only 2 parties

Income Taxes

Debt-based economy (see: Federal Reserve)

Big Pharma




Political Smear Campaigns



Petroleum-driven economics

Info-tainment -- where news and entertainment blend into one solid mass of mind-numbing drivel...and real journalism disappears entirely (just a hint here)

Governments that spy on citizens

Rigged elections; Election Fraud

Double-Speak (as in "giving up our liberty to protect our freedom"---See George Orwell, 1984)

Racial hatred or ethnic stereotyping

Sleep-walking through life

Exploitation of human beings for pleasure and proft: slavery, child trafficking, child prostitution, child pornography---you get the picture

Stark raving poverty

Corrupt politics

Ravaging the environment for short term gain (slash and burn---as in Brazil where they are cutting forests so as to grow bio-fuels)

Educational systems based on test scores

The military industrial complex


Watching television

Censorship by omission (as practiced in the United States where 5 corporations control the majority of mainstream media outlets---and major stories are simply not reported!)


Organizations (fans of Scott Adams and Dilbert are most welcome to post entries in this category)

ADD TO THIS LIST! That's also a way of contributing!

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