Welcome to The Dead Horses Project: “Focused on things that don’t work…and replacing them with things that do work, for the common good of all.”

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Deadhorses.org is intended to be “An expanding catalogue of Earthly dysfunction…and what we can do about it.”

In its essence, this site is all about:

What works, what's useful, what can be done, what can be learned...from what doesn't work!

The Premise of Dead Horses:

Our world, as a result of its past, is beset by inhabitants armed with a vast array of:

    *Concepts, notions, ideas, paradigms, habits, perceptions, beliefs, mental
    models, policies and actions
    *Many of which don’t actually work!

However, instead of changing, people keep doing the same broken things…only harder!

  • As a result, our planet (and indeed our species) is in great peril.
  • Until something changes….nothing changes.

Our premise is this:

   *That all change begins with awareness and that if enough people become 
    aware of the need to change……and involved in creating solutions
   *The likelihood of change can be increased and the rate accelerated !

The only thing missing....is YOUR participation! Wanna play?

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