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Current Dead Horse Events

At this stage, we are seeking passionate, articulate people who are fed up with all the Dead Horses on the planet who can begin to populate the Dead Horse Corral with outspoken statements on the Dead Horse of their choice---in the form of a Dead Horse posting.

A Dead Horse posting is fun and easy to create. Just click on Create Your Own Dead Horse HERE! and you will be taken to a new page. Type in the title of your Dead Horse, click on "Create Page" and you are ready to create your own personal monument to human dysfunction!

Just fill in your content under each heading---take your time---there's no hurry! Later as you have new insights, more clarity, better material, just go back and edit your Dead Horse. Be sure to click "Save Page" each time you edit a page.

To see the Dead Horses already in the corral, just click on See Current Dead Horses Here

Looking forward to reading about your Dead Horse on this site in the near future!

Sincerely, Equus

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